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Mit unseren Sections konnten unsere Kunden im Schnitt innerhalb von 30 Tagen ihren Umsatz steigern und Ihre Conversion Rate enorm steigern.

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Steigere Deinen Umsatz!

Unsere Kunden konnten im Schnitt innerhalb von 30 Tagen ihren Umsatz steigern und Ihre Conversion Rate enorm steigern.

Dein Wunsch Design!

Gestalte deinen Onlineshop ganz nach deinen Vorstellungen, ohne hohe Programmierkosten, oder ewigem hin und her schreiben.

Individuell Anpassbar

Du kannst deine Section nun auf fast jeder Seite deines Shops nutzen und nach deinen Wünschen anpassen.

Everything you need to know about Sections in Shopify

Shopify has established itself as one of the leading e-commerce platforms that enables merchants to sell successfully online. One of Shopify's outstanding features is its "sections". These are the basic building blocks for the appearance of your Shopify store. Each section can be customized to suit your brand and requirements.

Types and functions of sections

Sections offer a number of benefits to your Shopify store customers:

Improve usability

By placing and adapting design elements in a targeted manner, you can increase the user-friendliness of your website. An intuitive design leads to a positive user experience and can increase the length of time your visitors stay. This can include clearly recognizable buttons, such as our flying shopping cart button , bundled content in the form of sliders, such as the brand slider , or filter elements, such as our Instagram navigation .

Conversion Rate Optimization

By prominently placing important information and call-to-action elements, you can increase the conversion rate of your website. Sections allow you to highlight targeted marketing messages and optimize the checkout process. Customer trust can be increased with sections such as the Influencer / Community Trust Section. You can also sell accessories or matching products for the main product with our Upselling Section and increase the conversion rate.

Transport content effectively

With sections you can present your content in a visually appealing and structured way. Whether it's product descriptions, customer reviews or images and texts , the individual design options allow you to ensure that your message is clear and understandable to the customer .

Tips for using sections effectively

  • Planning is everything : Before you start customizing your sections, you should create a plan of what design elements you want to add and how you want them to be arranged.

  • Mobile optimization : Make sure your sections look good on mobile devices, as a large portion of your customers will access your store via smartphones and tablets.

  • Test and adjust : After you have implemented your sections, you should regularly test them and make adjustments if necessary to improve usability and conversion rates.

No programming knowledge required

We at FLOOW-Media have specialized in the development of sections in order to solve a big problem: laborious collaboration with programmers who make the whole thing as a custom-made product for you and charge a very high price for it.