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Section Separator
The divider provides a clear demarcation between two sections without them having to be different colors. Color and thickness can be customized.
Sale price399,00 €
Anpassbares Kontaktformular für Shopify-Shops von Floow Media: Erstellen Sie benutzerdefinierte Layouts und Abstände für Ihr Kontaktformular und optimieren Sie die Interaktion mit Ihren Kunden.
With customizable, additional fields, more is possible here than with conventional contact forms.
Sale price199,00 €
Mitlaufende Scrollbar Section für Shopify-Shops von Floow Media: Verbessern Sie die Benutzererfahrung mit einer individuell anpassbaren Scrollleiste, die das Navigieren auf Ihrer Website erleichtert und ein modernes Design bietet.
Our innovative design allows your customers to navigate your store effortlessly while keeping track of their shopping journey.
Sale price89,00 €
Sticky Produktsuche Section für Shopify-Shops von Floow Media: Helfen Sie Ihren Kunden, die richtigen Produkte schneller zu finden, mit der mitlaufenden Produktsuche. Schon bei der Eingabe werden Suchergebnisse angezeigt. Verbessern Sie das Erscheinungsbild und die Benutzererfahrung Ihres Online-Shops. Jetzt bestellen!
Help your customers find the right products faster with the on-screen product search. Search results are displayed as soon as they start typing.
Sale price149,00 €
Marken Slider Section für Ihren Shopify-Shop von Floow Media: Präsentieren Sie eine Vielzahl von Marken auf ansprechende Weise und stärken Sie das Vertrauen Ihrer Kunden in die Qualität und Vielfalt Ihrer Produkte.
To show the variety of brands offered in the online shop. This allows customers to quickly find the desired brand and strengthens their trust in the shop's product selection.
Sale price149,00 €
Kategorie Slider Section für Shopify-Shops von Floow Media: Präsentieren Sie Ihren Kunden auf ansprechende Weise die verschiedenen Kategorien, die Ihr Shop anbietet, und erleichtern Sie ihnen die Navigation durch Ihr Angebot.
Intuitive navigation allows customers to easily switch between different categories, improving the user experience and increasing product discoverability.
Sale price149,00 €
Influencer Community Trust-Section für Shopify-Shops von Floow Media: Steigern Sie das Vertrauen und die Glaubwürdigkeit Ihres Online-Shops, indem Sie auf die Unterstützung Ihrer Influencer-Community setzen.
Show who has already bought products from you, which strengthens trust in your brand, increases credibility and positively influences purchasing decisions.
Sale price149,00 €
Ankündigungsleiste für Shopify-Shops von Floow Media: Hervorheben von Sonderangeboten und wichtigen Nachrichten für Ihre Kunden.
Important information or USPs at a glance, saving space. The announcement bar is a must-have for every online shop.
Sale price199,00 €
Button zum Seitenanfang für Shopify-Shops von Floow Media: Verbessern Sie die Benutzererfahrung Ihres Online-Shops mit einem einfachen Klick-zum-Seitenanfang-Button, der es Ihren Kunden ermöglicht, schnell zum Anfang der Seite zurückzukehren.
A usability boost for your shop! Tedious, annoying scrolling is replaced by a click, reducing the frustration level of your customers.
Sale price89,00 €

Optimize the usability of your category page with Shopify Sections

The category page is a central part of your online store where customers can make product selections based on their individual needs and preferences. With Shopify Sections, you can customize the category page and highlight important elements to improve the user experience and increase the conversion rate. In this article, you will learn which sections should not be missing from your category page and why they are so important, especially in terms of filtering options and the integration of Instagram navigation.

Why is the category page so important?

The category page serves as a central point of contact for customers to search for products in a specific category or according to specific criteria. It provides a clear presentation of the available products and plays a crucial role in orientation and selection of the right product.

Importance of filters

  • Meaning : Filters allow customers to refine product selection based on various criteria such as price, brand, color or size.
  • Why is it important? : Targeted filtering options allow customers to quickly and easily find the product that is relevant to them, improving the user experience and increasing the conversion rate.

Instagram Navigation

  • Meaning : Integrating Instagram navigation on the category page shows customers current posts and product images directly from your Instagram profile.
  • Why is it important? : Instagram is an important platform for visual marketing and product presentation. By incorporating Instagram content, you can strengthen brand presence, increase engagement, and inspire potential customers.

Important sections for your category page

  • Clear product list : Show a clear and structured list of products in each category to give customers a quick overview.

  • Filter options : Integrate various filter options to make it easier for customers to search and select products and improve the user experience.

  • Instagram Navigation : Add Instagram navigation to show customers recent posts and product images directly from your Instagram profile and increase brand awareness.

  • Clear call-to-action elements : Place clear and engaging call-to-action elements to motivate customers to interact and purchase.